What has a compass got to do with HR?

What has a compass got to do with HR?

A compass gives direction, and we use this for our branding to signify the same in interpreting what we believe in and stand for.

The North point of the compass represents your business, your culture, your beliefs, and your dreams of what you want your business to become. Without a compass it is hard to steer a steady ship and can take you off course if you do not know where you are heading.

You have people on board too, to look after and ensure the survival of all. Along your journey, you learn how to survive and thrive, lay down skills for self-sufficiency which gives temerity and boldness to head in directions you may never have dreamt of, or been prepared to face.

HR For You supports you to turn the compass towards where you want to go, and do that at the right speed, which is not going to mean the compass point lags behind the turn, or leads ahead. Keeping everyone on board safe.

HR For You is about giving you confidence that as a business and workforce, you are heading in the right direction.

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