Human Resources

How I Can Help You

As a business one of your most valuable assets are your people.  As the person who may be in charge of nearly everything, I understand that sometimes other things get in the way of ensuring the human resource of your business is looked after too. Or perhaps you may not be able to afford a full time HR professional, but need expert advice.
Whatever your remit and requirements are, I can provide strategic and operational HR services. From managing your recruitment, to providing solutions to help you achieve your business objectives, but help people to flourish too.

Supporting your business to grow

Whether you're a new business or an established company looking to grow, I can support all of your HR needs. Providing you with a dedicated HR service and equipped with the professional expertise and experience to deal with all of your people requirements. Allowing you the time to focus on your businesses growth and it's future.

I provide one-off support or give support on an on-going basis.

I support you at your business location, so there's no time wasted in you having to travel, and it means I get to properly know and understand you as a business owner and your people. I am available on the telephone too for any matters that you need a quick answer to. If you prefer, I can support you via Zoom.

Help with tricky situations

You may be a business owner who knows how to do the job, but often find that dealing with challenging members of your workforce is not easy. Or perhaps, getting to grips with employment legislation or managing sickness absence is something you may dread having to do, and put off until another time.

HR plays an important role in a successful business and has a high value in aligning the 'people focused' side of your business to stay on track and reaching the common goal. I can support you through these tricky situations.

My approach

I offer a fully flexible, realistic and confidential approach. I am straight talking, good at alleviating the concerns of others and understand the need for diplomacy. Providing practical and proactive advice and solutions to limit your risk.

Free Initial Consultation

During our free initial meeting to discuss your HR needs, I will take the time to understand your business and what you want to achieve. I will discuss your business, your people, your vision and goals of how you would like your business to grow and what you want it to become.


After the initial consultation, if you would like to secure my professional services, I will agree an hourly rate and you only pay for the time I spend on your activities.  I don’t charge time on a block basis.