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HR Issues and Advise
Stay compliant and up to date with Employment Legislation
Discover how we can manage all of your day to day HR issues for you
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What's your biggest HR headache?
Sickness Absence? Employee Conflict? Training and Development?
We will alleviate the stress managing staff can have on a busy employer, no matter who your people are!
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Your Business, Your Future
Business Planning
Be sure your business will keep being profitable at any time!
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Managing Staff with Coronavirus
We have all the up-to-date advice and guidance on COVID19 for your business
Flexible Furlough, Returning to the Workplace, Flexible Working Measures, Employee Wellbeing and more!
Free Initial Consultation
For your peace of mind, we offer a free initial consultation
No commitment from you, no upselling, just us talking about what you need and how we can help
HR For You

We will work with you to either enhance your existing HR practices, or we can build an HR infrastructure if you’re a start-up business.  We relieve the stress and pressure that dealing with HR can sometimes bring, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Tailored To Your Business

We provide dedicated and bespoke strategic and operational Human Resource services for businesses, tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Working on Your Business Plan

HR For You helps you to shape positive change, so business objectives can be achieved.

Start Improving Your Business Today!

Managing Your Workforce Your Way


Good recruitment is vital for every organisation - finding the right people for the right roles at the right time. It ensures that the workforce has the relevant skills and abilities for the organisation's current and future needs. Effective resourcing is not just about filling an immediate vacancy but about having an impact on the long-term success of the business, using workforce planning data to understand what skills are needed for organisational performance

Staffing Disputes

How you handle a conflict that arises in the workplace can make a difference on how employees view your company going forward. Human Resource For You professionals are often tasked with mediating staff issues, and working to provide a solution that everyone is happy with

Staff Engagement

Employee engagement is a workplace method designed to improve an employee’s feelings and emotional attachment to the company, their job duties, position within the company, their fellow employees, and the company culture. HR For You can use employee engagement tactics to boost wellbeing and productivity across all company levels

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We support and work with you to ultimately build and promote, a motivated and high performing workforce. Working closely with you and your business to develop an HR agenda that supports the overall aims and goals of your business, plan and manage talent and develop approaches that achieve shared objectives.
Our aim is to help guide you, support you, promote confidence and help you to actively know that as a business and workforce, you are heading in the right direction.


Our people are all members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and committed to upholding the standards and behaviours set out in the Code of Professional Conduct.


We are a member of the Federation of Small Businesses, who support and provide a voice for businesses.


We have professional insurance cover, with a civil liability limit of £1,000,000

See What Our Clients Say


"I reached out to 'HR For You' when without warning I needed a month's worth of HR Manager cover at a day's notice for our multi site, 500 staff business. Louise slotted into the role seamlessly and was providing immediate support and advice.

Adam Smith
Founder & SEO Consultant, Creative Click Media

I would describe Louise as a true HR professional, able to deal with any situation and able to bring a precise, efficient and friendly HR service to any business. I would highly recommend Louise for all HR related work" - Finance Director, Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd

Rosa May

" We can't thank nor recommend HR For You enough! Louise's calm, sensible and pragmatic approach was first class. She offered sound legal and emotional support at a very difficult time and her open and honest advice were exactly what was required to get the job done with the best outcome for all involved" - Director, Let's Talk

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